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What we’re about

I created Claim Your Capital to help encourage, inspire and educate Canadian startups. New technology has made it possible for entrepreneurs to implement solutions to big problems with fewer resources and faster than ever before. However, founders sometimes end up frustrated working on task outside their area of expertise or spending time on projects that don’t improve their core product. The articles and resources here will help founders step back and focus on what’s important.

I also hope to help would-be founders, overwhelmed with information, decisions and expectations, cut through the noise and get started. The larger we grow our startup community here in Canada the better it is for founders, startups, Canadians and the World.

It’s never been easier to transfer ideas into real solutions. I’m excited with what I’m seeing in the Canadian Startup scene and around the world. We’re all in for an exciting ride and I’m interested to see where it will take us!

Stephen Canis

Startup enthusiast, Certified Public Accountant, and co-founder of TextClues.